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Why Can't I Change the Position of Each Piston, Valve and Tile of the Automobile Engine?

Jan. 22, 2020

The engine is a very precise mechanical system, and it is a motive. Therefore, the various complex motion mechanisms have very high requirements for the accuracy of parts. Engine valve Manufacturer shares with you.

In the design of the engine, the tolerances between the relevant components are calculated through their precise cooperation. This calculation of the fitting tolerance has taken into account the manufacturing accuracy, and not only the requirements for the manufacturing target but also the actual value after manufacturing. By measuring the finished part, it is more accurate to zero. Component tolerances are matched in semi-real time. Therefore, there will be a measurement and grouping process of the key components such as the cylinder block and the piston that have been processed. And through this assembly of the same group, a higher level of fitting accuracy under the same manufacturing accuracy (controllable cost) is achieved.

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The reason why the pistons and the large and small bushes cannot be replaced is because, although they are the same pistons and bushes, their measurement errors after processing are different. According to the errors of these parts, all these parts have been made. Grouping and different groups can only be matched with corresponding cylinder liners, connecting rods, and cranks of the same group. If interchanged, even if the processing of each part meets the design requirements, the cooperation between the parts of the assembled machine The tolerance will be exceeded.

As for the valve, I have never heard of any cooperation requirements, and they are generally interchangeable. However, for a new engine that is not installed, but reassembled after disassembly, there will be coordination requirements and cannot be interchanged. Because during the running process, the valve and the valve seat have undergone running-in, wear and deformation in the same direction have naturally formed a unique state of cooperation between them.

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