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What Should I Do If The Engine Valve Sounds?

Dec. 04, 2019

After the vehicle starts, the engine emits a rhythmic "tap-tat" metal-like knocking sound. This sound accelerates rhythmically as the engine speed increases. Under normal circumstances, the engine will not make this kind of sound for a long time, most of them make a short time after a cold start, then slowly disappear, this is the valve sound. Diesel intake valve Manufacturer shares with you.


The main reason for the valve ring is that the valve mechanism between the engine produced a gap, most are due to wear parts or gap adjustment failure, such as camshaft, rocker arm, hydraulic roof column wear.

Most engines now use the hydraulic roof column, mainly for automatic adjustment valve mechanism due to wear gap, hydraulic roof column automatic adjustment function is through oil pressure to achieve. When the part is excessively worn, exceeding the limit of automatic adjustment, the valve will ring. Hydraulic roof failure, automatic adjustment function failure can also lead to valve ring.

Too much valve clearance, in addition to the start of the car (more obvious when the cold car) noise, there are other disadvantages. Such as insufficient valve lift, inadequate intake, incomplete exhaust, engine power reduction, and high fuel consumption.

As each type of vehicle is different, the requirements for valve clearance are also different. Generally, the normal clearance of the intake valve is between 15 and 20, and the normal clearance of exhaust valve is between 25 and 35.

Generator Intake Exhaust Valve For Cummins

Avoid engine valve ringing

Avoiding Generator Intake Exhaust Valve For Cummins ringing is actually very simple. The owner only needs to perform maintenance on time and prevent engine wear as required by the manufacturer, which can effectively reduce this situation. It is also very important that you must choose a suitable engine oil grade and viscosity of the engine oil, do not blindly pursue high-end and low viscosity engine oil.