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Taboos in Automobile Maintenance

Aug. 25, 2020

Car maintenance has been paid more attention to now, but in the maintenance of the car in a lot of methods are wrong, if the use of the wrong method is not good for the car to run, the following generator engine valve manufacturers to take a look at the taboos of car maintenance.

1. Rotate the engine for a long time without ventilation

A taboo that needs special attention in car maintenance is the common rotating engine in an unventilated environment, especially in many underground sealed garages. The engine will release a large amount of carbon monoxide. We will be exposed to this environment for a long time. Cause physical discomfort, if you need to start the engine in the garage, it is best to open the door or start the exhaust device.

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2. It is very dangerous to suck the oil pipe with the mouth

Many people also have this habit of sucking oil with their mouths. In fact, this approach is very wrong. Gasoline itself is toxic and will cause great harm to our body’s nervous system. It will also cause damage to the digestive tract and kidneys. It is very dangerous. If you, unfortunately, inhale too much gasoline during the process of the suction pipe, it will cause poisoning and death. Therefore, this approach is very incorrect and should be avoided.

3. No need to use carburetor cleaner

When completing the car maintenance, it is best not to choose a carburetor cleaning agent, because this cleaning agent contains methyl chloride and aromatic family, etc., these components have certain toxicity, will produce great harm to our body, belongs to the dangerous goods.

Finally, when completing car maintenance, you need to pay special attention to safety protection, and not to cause car damage, etc. Car maintenance can make everyone's driving safer, and it is also very good for the car's own performance.

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