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Valve Maintenance PrecautionsⅡ

May. 20, 2020

Auto engine valve manufacturer shares with you.

(4) Ensure that the valve head sinking amount should meet the standard. If the valve head sag is too large, the temperature and pressure of the mixed gas in the cylinder at the end of compression will decrease, and the temperature and pressure at the end of compression are the main reasons that affect the ignition lag time. If the difference in ignition lag time of each cylinder is large, it will seriously affect the running stability and working life of the diesel engine. For this reason, when assembling valves of multi-cylinder diesel engines, the amount of valve sag should be adjusted in balance. When repairing the valve seat, the valve sag should be basically equal, the difference is not big, the new cylinder head is about 1.4 mm, and the repair cylinder head is not more than 2.5 mm.

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(5) Install the valve group to the cylinder head. First, clean the parts, apply clean engine oil to the valve rod and the working slope of the head, then insert the catheter into the valve seat, lay the cylinder head (plane down), and use round wood or two gaskets The valve head, then install the inner and outer valve springs and seats, use the valve disassembly and assembly special tools or substitute tools (such as pushrods), press the valve seat springs in balance, put two lock clips into the spring seat holes Just open the press tool.

(6) Check after installation. Shake the spring, spring seat and valve rod by hand, there should be no actuation phenomenon, otherwise, the locking clip and spring seat can not be used. Or insert the original old valve guide into the end of the installed valve rod and press it against the valve lock clip, then gently tap the old valve guide with a hammer to check the tapered groove of the valve lock clip and valve rod and the tapered hole should fit closely, the height difference between the two lock plates should not be greater than 0.3 mm, and the height of the lock plate protruding from the spring seat is between 0.25 and 2 mm.

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