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How Cold Air Can Improve Your Air Intake System

Jul. 17, 2020

The cold air inlet and its working principle

The cold air intake is used to introduce cooler air into the car engine to improve engine power and efficiency. The most effective air intake system uses an airbox, its size matches the engine and will extend the power belt of the engine. The intake snorkel or intake inlet opening must be large enough to ensure sufficient air is provided to the engine under all conditions from idle speed to full throttle opening.

The working principle of the cold air intake is to increase the amount of oxygen available for fuel combustion. Because cooler air has a higher density (more mass per unit volume), cold air intakes usually work by introducing cooler air from outside the hot engine compartment. Our company provides an engine valve for Doosan.

The most basic cold air intake port replaces the original airbox with a short metal or plastic tube. This tube leads to a conical air filter and is called a short ram inlet. How a factory obtains aerodynamic power through this method depends on this method.

Well-designed air intakes use heat shields to isolate the air filter from the rest of the engine compartment and provide cooler air from the front or side of the engine compartment. Some systems are called "fender installation" to move the filter to the fender wall. This system absorbs air through the fender wall, which provides more isolation and cooler air.

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The throttle body is part of the intake system, which controls the amount of air that flows into the combustion chamber of the engine. It consists of a drilled shell, which contains a throttle plate rotating on the shaft.

When the accelerator is depressed, the throttle opens, allowing air to enter the engine. When the throttle is released, the throttle is closed, effectively blocking the airflow into the combustion chamber. This process effectively controls the combustion speed and ultimately the speed of the vehicle. The throttle body is usually located between the air cleaner box and the intake manifold and is usually located near the mass airflow sensor.

How does it improve your air intake system

Some benefits of having a cold air intake include increased horsepower and torque. Because the amount of air drawn in by the cold air intake is larger, the temperature may be much lower, so your engine can breathe easier than the restricted inventory system. The combustion chamber is filled with cooler, oxygen-enriched air, and the fuel burns more efficiently. When each drop of fuel is mixed with the right amount of air, you will get more power and torque.

Another advantage of cold air intake is improved throttle response and fuel economy in most cases. The inlet usually produces a higher temperature, fuel-rich combustion mixture, causing the engine to lose power and response when it runs hotter and slower. Cold air inlets can help your fuel economy improve your air-fuel ratio.

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