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Why Is It Important in Car Detailing

Jul. 25, 2020

The curing time is sometimes overlooked by eager first-time detailing enthusiasts. We explain how it helps protect your car. 

If you are new to automotive details, you may wonder what the term "cure time" or "cure time" means. Engine valve manufacturer shares with you.

What does "curing time" mean?

It refers to the time it takes for car wax (whether natural or synthetic) or sealant to bond with the clear coating.

A transparent coating is a shiny transparent coating that protects it on your paint. Therefore, any wax or sealant you apply to it. Modern cars have clean coats.

This is why detail experts always recommend using clay sticks to remove any contaminants before polishing and/or waxing. You want to apply the product on the surface as clean as possible.

The curing time largely depends on the product itself and the manufacturer's recommendation. The climate will also affect it-if it is too hot or too cold, the curing time will be longer or shorter.

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Why is curing time important?

The wax or sealant must be combined with a clear coating to maximize its effectiveness. Imagine a wall that has just been painted. Until the paint dries, you cannot touch the wall without staining your hands.

Likewise, until the wax or sealant “dry” or stick to your clear coat, they will not be able to protect it properly.

What should I do during treatment?

This is where things become impractical and even inconvenient. During the maintenance phase, you cannot get your car wet. If your car is exposed to rain before the wax or sealant has cured, the protective layer may be damaged.

Ideally, avoid driving your car for at least 12 hours after waxing. If you consider getting your car ceramic coating, the curing time maybe 24 hours.

Some products claim that curing time is not required. But to be safe, we recommend waiting at least 12 hours before driving.

Does "heal time" mean something else?

The curing time also refers to how long it takes to polish off the excess wax or sealant.

When using wax or sealant, the goal is thin, even coating. Using too much wax is a waste, because it does not enhance the protective effect, and the excess wax is even difficult to remove.

After application, it usually takes a few minutes for the wax to dry or solidify. When you slide your finger on the blurred area without getting dirty, you can wipe off the excess.

But for the purpose of this story, curing time refers to the time it takes for the wax or sealant to adhere to your clear coat.

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