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Why Replace the Spark Plug?

Jul. 30, 2020

The spark plug is an important part of the engine and must be replaced regularly. This is why you should follow the advice of a mechanic. Our company provides engine intake exhaust valve.

Most people who drive think that when they send their car for repairs, they will replace something. These things include oil, oil filters, and perhaps air filters.

Spark plugs also need to be replaced regularly. Their suggested replacement schedule can be found in the user manual.

Now, if your cars "run well," you might wonder why you need to spend extra money to replace them. Your engine sounds good, but it may not last long.

What does the spark plug do?

In internal combustion engines, spark plugs are responsible for igniting (or "sparking") the fuel-air mixture in the cylinder.

This ignition phenomenon occurs when an arc is generated between the two electrodes on the spark plug. The electric current is provided by the car's electrical system.

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How do they get worn?

Although the spark plug looks very small and insignificant, spark plugs have an extremely tough life.

As an air-fuel mixture igniter, its rated voltage must be between 20,000 and 30,000 volts, depending on the type of ignition system.

At the same time, because a part of the plug extends into the combustion chamber when the mixture is ignited, they are subjected to sudden and extreme changes in pressure and temperature, and "explosion" occurs near them.

Therefore, even when your car starts and runs well, the spark plug does have a lifespan.

The maintenance plan recommends replacing the spark plug before the engine starts to misfire.

If possible, use the original spark plugs specified in the user manual.

However, if you insist on using the Iridium core version, this may not necessarily improve your engine performance, please make sure an equivalent to the original is available.

This information is provided by the engine valve manufacturer.