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Avoid 5 Common Car Repair Errors

May. 25, 2020

We all feel guilty that our cars are taken for granted from time to time-only pay attention when something goes wrong. Ignoring routine maintenance will lead to more expensive repairs and greatly reduce the resale value of your vehicle. Extend the life of the car. Generator engine valve manufacturer shares with you the most common mistakes people make in car maintenance and how to avoid them to extend the life of the car.

Ignore the strange sound

In many cases, the first sign of mechanical failure is an unfamiliar noise. We have already reported the various noises you heard from the car and their meaning. But when you hear a strange sound, the most important thing you can do is pay attention to it. Whether you realize it or not, driving a car is an experience that appeals to all your senses. It is in your best interest to pay attention to the bulky machine you control when you are driving. The strange noise rarely disappears on its own and ignoring it almost always causes bigger problems.

Don't stop at regular service

To extend the life of the vehicle, the most important thing you can do is to follow the maintenance plan recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Regular maintenance services include oil and flushing fluid replacement, brake pad replacement, and filter replacement.

In addition, regularly maintain your car to give your mechanic the opportunity to check it for other problems. This is a combination of regular maintenance and preventive maintenance.

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Make your car overheat

Internal combustion engines generate a lot of heat and require a cooling system to work effectively. If your car is too hot, you can blow a head gasket, twist a cylinder head, or destroy the entire engine.

Preventing your car from overheating is as simple as staring at your thermometer and occasionally checking the coolant. There is no harm in having your mechanic regularly check the health of your cooling system.

Ignore your tire pressure

Tire pressure will affect the braking distance, fuel economy and handling of the car. Tires are the only part of the vehicle that comes into contact with the road, so they are definitely worth your attention. Even if your vehicle has a tire pressure monitoring system, you should regularly check the pressure using an old tire pressure gauge. In-car systems are sometimes inaccurate. Checking your tire pressure yourself gives you a chance to check your tire wear.

Ignore dashboard warning lights

Accompanying unfamiliar noise, the lighting of the dashboard lights means that it is time to take action. Most symbols on the dashboard are easy to crack, but if you don' t know what your car wants to tell you, they will be listed in your car owner' s manual. Some warning lights are more serious than others and require mechanic attention immediately. If you ignore certain lights, such as your inspection engine lights, you may further damage your car.

These warning lights are triggered by sensors and computers, and they tell you something needs to be dealt with urgently. These warnings should never be ignored. 

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