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Common Sense of Autumn Car Maintenance(Part 1)

Sep. 08, 2020

As the autumn approaches, people are most likely to catch colds and get sick. Cars are like people. If you don’t take good care of them, you will also have problems of this kind or that. Under the conditions of increased temperature fluctuations, many external or internal components such as circuits, air conditioners, and tires are prone to problems. A series of all-round maintenance should be carried out in time. For the car to pass the autumn smoothly, safe and smooth driving every time one day is crucial. The engine valve manufacturer shares with you.

1. The air conditioner must be cleaned and maintained

In summer, the air conditioner is in high load operation, and there is a lot of rain in summer, and the car often walks on some wading roads, causing the lower part of the air conditioner condenser to be contaminated with a lot of sand. Over time, the condenser will rust and shorten the air conditioner Service life. Therefore, the air conditioner should be thoroughly maintained after the fall. In addition, pay attention to the maintenance of the heating pipe and fan. When the weather turns cold in autumn, hoarfrost will appear when the temperature is low. In this season, you should pay special attention to whether the defrosting air outlet under the windshield is normal and whether the heat is sufficient. If there is a problem, solve it in time, otherwise, it will Bring unsafe factors to driving.

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2. The door glass guide groove should also be cleaned

The continuous rain in summer causes a lot of rain to flow into the guide trough along with the glass with a lot of dust and acid and alkali. At this time, the glass lifter will be weak and the glass will rise slowly. The reason for this phenomenon is that a large amount of dust accumulates in the rubber strip of the glass guide groove, so the glass guide groove should be cleaned. The owner can use a spray can spray some clean water into the guide trough, but the effect will not be very satisfactory. Because the clean water is not thoroughly cleaned, and it can't have a lubricating effect, it is recommended to use a professional cleaner.

3. The tyre pattern is too shallow and replaces with a new tyre in time

In the high temperature in summer, in order to prevent the tire pressure from being too high, the tire pressure should be checked frequently, and when the temperature drops in autumn, the pressure should be supplemented to keep it within the specified pressure range. At the same time, you should also check the tires for scratches, because the rubber is easy to harden in autumn and winter, and the tires are easy to leak or puncture.

In addition, in early autumn, it often rains, and car owners have to drive around the street on rainy days, which can easily make the car go wrong. This is because some car owners usually don’t pay much attention to the tire pattern. When the tire pattern is too shallow, the road is slippery in rainy weather, and the car tires lack friction with the ground. At this time, the vehicle will runoff. The distance will be extended and a traffic accident will occur. At this time, the requirements on the tires are correspondingly increased. It is necessary to check the degree of wear of the tire pattern. If the tire pattern depth is less than 1.6mm, replace the new tire. The repaired tires should be changed to the rear wheels, and the tires repaired more than 3 times should be replaced. In addition, the tread pattern of the tire also has a drainage effect, and it is easy to attach stones, sand, etc. to the tire after rain, which will affect the drainage of the tire. In order to avoid such things from happening, car owners can choose waterproof tires, the effect should be good.

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