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Common Sense of Autumn Car Maintenance(Part 2)

Sep. 17, 2020

4. Remove the oxide of the battery

The electrode connection of the battery is the place that is prone to problems in the alternate summer and autumn, so pay attention to maintenance. During the inspection, if there is green oxide at the electrode wiring, remember to remove it with boiling water. If these green oxides are not removed, it will cause insufficient power generation of the generator and make the battery in a state of depletion. In severe cases, it will cause The battery is scrapped early, or the car cannot be used. After flushing with boiling water, use compressed air to dry the water, and then spray a special protective agent to prevent the oxide layer from reappearing. Our company provides intake exhaust valve.

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5. Clean the exterior and interior for cosmetic purposes

When the summer transitions to autumn, maintenance of the exterior and interior of the vehicle is worthy of attention. There is a lot of dew in the autumn morning, and the surface of the car is easily wet. If there are obvious scratches on the surface of the car, it should be painted in time to prevent the scratched parts from getting damp and rusting. In addition, due to the corrosion of rain acid in summer rain and the direct exposure of strong light in summer, the paint surface of the car will inevitably be oxidized. It is best to do beauty care for the car surface from cleaning, polishing to waxing, glaze sealing, or coating during the season. 

In the interior, due to the high temperature and rain in summer, many bacteria grow in the carpet, floor glue, and other hidden places in the car. With the advent of autumn, the car windows are no longer opened frequently, and the air in the car cabin will become turbid, which is harmful to the human body. Health is easy to cause harm. Therefore, it is necessary to do thorough interior sterilization and cleaning for your car during the season. When doing maintenance, it is best to use a professional cleaning agent with a high-temperature interior sauna machine, which can not only remove dirt and peculiar smell in the car but also effectively kill bacteria. After cleaning, use a protective agent to care for the interior.

6. The spark plug should also be checked and maintained

The ignition system is related to whether the vehicle can start. When entering the autumn, car owners and friends should carefully check these parts, especially some plug parts, to see if they are rusty. Once rusted, they must use professional cleaning agents. In the selection and use of cleaning agents, the maintenance products of regular car beauty and maintenance shops should also be used to achieve the best results. The maintenance of spark plugs is also important. Once a problem occurs, it will cause the vehicle to shake or fail to start.

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