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Common Sense of Autumn Car Maintenance(Part 3)

Sep. 22, 2020

7. It is best to put some oil on the door lock core

Regardless of the inconspicuousness of the door lock cylinder, if something goes wrong, it is big trouble. With the improvement of the electronic level of vehicles, most of the original car keys of vehicles are equipped with remote control, and the key is rarely used to lock and open the door. But have you thought about it, once the remote control is out of power, you can only use the key to open and lock the car door, but at this time the lock cylinder has been rusted because it has not been used for a long time, plus rain or frequent car washes, what should you do? What to do? In fact, this is a project that the repair station often needs to rescue. Many car owners often delay the time and delay the work. Therefore, regardless of whether the vehicle is new or old, it should be maintained in this season. The maintenance of the car lock cylinder is actually very simple, just add some oil to it to play the role of lubrication, but for the rusty lock cylinder, it is best to use some special loosening lubricants, the effect will be better. Our company provides intake exhaust valve kit.

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8. Always pay attention to the effects of high temperature and humidity

Most cars are now equipped with CD equipment. The main factors affecting the normal operation of car audio in the fall are high temperature and humidity. Because car audio is mostly installed on the upper part of the dashboard, in order to avoid sunlight, it is better to use sun visors. If the door and window sealing strips are not tight, they should be replaced, otherwise, the speaker is easy to rust and damage, and even cause a short circuit to burn the host.

When the rainy season comes, the humidity increases, and there is often a layer of fog on the surface of CD records, which will cause difficulty in reading the disc. It is best to scrub it every once in a while. If it is a modified CD drive, in order to avoid moisture, do not install it under the floor and seat. It is best to install it at the height of the car body, but do not install it at the rear windshield glass. The too high temperatures will accelerate the aging of electronic components and the laser head.

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