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How to Defog the Glass Inside the Car

Oct. 09, 2020

1. Wipe with a wet towel. Some particularly experienced car owners will prepare a wet towel in the car when the front windshield is prone to fogging. When driving, if there is fog in the car, the owner can find a suitable place to park, and then wipe off the fog with a wet towel. This method is still very practical, but it is dangerous. For example, if there is fog on the highway, the owner cannot find a place to park quickly. Our company provides intake exhaust valve kit.

2. Open the window. In fact, the cause of the fog in the car is nothing more than the large difference in temperature inside and outside the car. We only need to open the windows to make the temperature inside the car the same as the temperature outside the car. But this method also has certain limitations. In summer, this method is very useful, and the driving window can also cool the car. But in winter, if you use this method, the people in the car will feel particularly cold, and it is not good if you catch a cold and cause a fever. Therefore, this method is a bit limited and cannot be used in winter.

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3. Turn on the air circulation system in the car. Almost all cars nowadays are equipped with an air circulation system, which can play a role in ventilation. If you find that the front windshield of your car is fogging, you can turn on the booster system. By the way, everyone must turn on the external circulation system so that effective mist removal can be achieved. Moreover, this method is very effective, and there is no need to worry about the cold air coming in. But it also has disadvantages, that is, it cannot be opened for too long. If it is opened for too long, the heating in the car will gradually disappear.

4. Turn on the automatic constant temperature air conditioner. This device is not available in every car. It is not available on some ordinary low- and mid-range cars, but some high-end cars have this device. If there is fog in the car, you only need to turn on the booster device, which can quickly remove the fog in the car. And when you open it, you don’t have to worry about the low temperature inside the car. However, if you use it, the fuel consumption of the car will increase accordingly.

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