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What Is The Engine Top Valve Failure?

Dec. 27, 2019

Everyone knows that there is a saying in the field of auto repair called "top valve". Simply put, there is a problem with the valve! So, do you know what caused it? 99% are top valves due to timing belt damage! Intake exhaust valve supplier shares with you.

The top valve of a car is: When the engine design piston reaches the top dead center, the space above the piston is very small because of a certain compression ratio. If the valve is in the open position, it will collide with the piston. Therefore, the valve at the top dead center of the piston exhaust is slightly open, and the valve at the top dead center of the piston is fully closed. So if the timing is wrong because of a broken belt and a jump, the valve will be pushed. But not all models will push the valve, and some models will not be pushed if the top of the piston is recessed.


If the intake valve is broken, the engine continues to work will cause the ejector rod to bend or fall off, and the intake valve will not work. This cylinder forms an instantaneous vacuum working condition during the intake stroke, thus affecting the engine power and even pulling the cylinder; if it is exhaust If the door is faulty, the phenomenon of dynamic bounce will occur severely, and even the burning fire gas will return from the intake pipe.

Machinery Intake Valve

The valve is ejected refers to the damage caused by the engine's piston colliding with the valve during operation. There are many reasons for this failure:

1. The gas distribution phase of the engine is damaged (of course, it includes timing belts or chains “wrong teeth” (tooth makeup teeth) “slip” “break” “deformation”);

2. The connecting rod mechanism is loose;

3. Excessive oil pressure causes the gas distribution mechanism to “dry friction” and “stuck in the open position”;

4. The valve snap ring (pin) is damaged, broken, or shedding. In severe cases: piston rupture, connecting rod bending, cylinder rupture, cylinder head scrap.

the reason:

1. The timing belt is broken

2. Long-term inferior gasoline does not return to position after glue sticks on the valve stem

3. Some engines' variable timing regulator failure will also lift the valve

4. Engine spark plug residues fall into the valve top

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