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Cause Of Broken Motorcycle Engine Valve 2

Dec. 21, 2019

Today, the Excavator Exhaust valve Manufacturer has summarized some of the possible causes of valve fracture and shared them with you, hoping to be of some help to you.

6. Poor lubrication of cylinder head

If the quality of the lubricating oil is too poor or the amount of oil supplied to the cylinder head is too small, it will not be able to reduce the friction and reduce the friction at high temperatures. In addition, there will be a small number of carbon deposits and sludge, which will cause the valve to not be very good. A return will cause a series of mechanical accidents.

7. Excessive carbon deposits on pistons and valves

There are many situations that cause excessive carbon deposits, such as the poor oil quality mentioned above, as well as excessively rich gas mixtures and spark plugs that break the fire and burn the city, and the valve cannot be closed or blocked due to excessive carbon deposits. The movement will cause mechanical accidents of valve rupture.

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8. Rough driving habits

Some car owners like to blast the throttle when the car is cold. At this time, it is difficult to supply the lubricating oil in time. As a result, the exhaust valve and the duct do not have enough lubricant to cool down, and the temperature rises sharply. The valve cannot move normally in the duct, causing the piston to hit the valve and a serious mechanical accident occurred.

9. Dislocation of gas timing.

The valve timing is misplaced. When the valve should be closed, the upward piston will hit the valve, causing the valve to break and the piston to be scrapped.

10. Excessive valve clearance

This situation is similar to the previous one. Excessive valve clearance causes the cam and rocker arm to not accurately control the opening and closing of the valve at high speeds, causing a collision with the piston, resulting in a serious mechanical accident.

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