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Structural Features Of Valve ComponentsⅡ

Mar. 27, 2020

Diesel intake valve Manufacturer shares with you.

(3) valve guide: guide the valve movement, it and the valve rod is a pair of high-speed reciprocating friction pair, lubrication conditions are poor, the oil is generally by a directional splash into the gap. However, two limiting factors should be considered in the size of the matching gap between the valve tube and valve. Clearance is too large, the valve will produce swing, and easy to cause oil channeling and other undesirable phenomena. The pipe hole is matched with the valve rod hinge, and the general matching clearance is 0.025 ~ 0.075 mm. The clearance wear becomes larger. When the gap exceeds 0.2 mm, the pipe must be replaced in time. The valves of S195, S1100A, and D180 diesel engines are all made of iron-based powder metallurgy materials.

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(4) valve spring, spring seat, lock: the role of the valve spring is to make the valve timely return and seal the cylinder. Valve spring is made of high-quality spring steel wire. The two springs are wound in opposite directions to prevent one spring from breaking and getting stuck in the pitch of the other, which could cause more trouble. Valve spring is also one of the important parts of diesel engines, such as cracks, bruises, soft and free length problems should be replaced in time. The spring seat is a stepped disk with an inner cone that matches the outer cone of the locking clip to make the valve seat fixed on the valve stem. Commonly used lock clip has two kinds, one is to have inside, outside cone surface, another is to have outside cone surface, inside cylinder surface and belt ring clip shoulder two pieces of lock clip.

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