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The Throttle Is Just An Air Intake, Why Is There Carbon AccumulationⅠ?

Mar. 11, 2020

In fact, there are several types of carbon deposits in automobile engines, and the effects of various carbon deposits on the engine are different. The causes of various carbon deposits are also different. Under normal circumstances, engine carbon deposits include carbon deposits in the intake port (throttle carbon deposits), which exist on the intake manifold and throttle. Excavator intake valve Manufacturer shares with you.

There are also combustion carbon deposits, which are mainly the sediments that have not been exhausted after the combustion of the mixed gas, and the sediments after the oil enter the cylinder to participate in the combustion. Combustion carbon deposits mainly exist in the piston crown, valves, combustion chambers, cylinder liner ports, around spark plugs, and so on.

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Then there is the deposit of carbon in the oil. Now the oil lubricating performance is very good, and everyone is replaced on time, and generally, there is less oil sediment. Unlike the old cars of the last century, a large number of carbon deposits in engine oil exist in oil pans, valve chambers, and crankcases.

Various carbon deposits have different effects on the engine. For example, burning carbon deposits, if it is too much, the surface mixture will not burn completely. If it is too serious, it may be burning oil. It will increase the fuel consumption of the engine and make it difficult to accelerate. In particular, engine power may decrease.

The question asked in this question is throttle carbon deposits. Throttle carbon deposits are actually deposits of dross in the air. In addition, fuel vapor in the cylinder evaporates to the deposits around the throttle when the intake valve is opened. Because the idle throttle opening is relatively small, generally 5% to 7%, so when the throttle carbon deposits are serious, the intake air volume is reduced, and the cylinder mixture is too rich, which will lead to unstable idle and jitter. It may also cause poor acceleration and increase fuel consumption. Therefore, it is best to clean the throttle when the above conditions exist. Generally, 4S shops will require owners to increase throttle cleaning items during vehicle maintenance, which makes sense.

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