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The Throttle Is Just An Air Intake, Why Is There Carbon AccumulationⅡ?

Mar. 11, 2020

We all know that insufficient combustion of a fuel produces carbon deposition, which is a black, hard mass. The carbon accumulation in throttle valves is mostly the material produced by waste oil and dust and is somewhat different from the carbon accumulation produced by combustion. There's more mud in there. So how does the carbon accumulation on the throttle come about? Agricultural machinery engine valve Manufacturer shares with you.

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Part of it is coming from the intake pipe. If we look carefully, we will find that there is often some oil on the front of the throttle, and this oil is usually coming from the crankcase. In front of the throttle, there is a pipe connected to the crankcase ventilation system. This is where the oil comes from, from the pipes. Meet with dust again can produce oily sludge, namely, you say accumulate carbon.

The other part comes from the intake manifold, and we all know that the recirculation system of the vehicle, it sucks some of the exhaust gas back into the combustion chamber, and some of it remains in the intake manifold, and over time it flows behind the throttle. Produce a very dirty sludge. There is a part of oil will not burn completely inside the cylinder when the vehicle is shut off, resulting in waste. If the waste is not completely discharged, it will enter the intake manifold, and the time will be associated with the carbon accumulation of the throttle.

Although the throttle is only the intake system, but will also produce carbon accumulation, the throttle will produce carbon accumulation will cause, the vehicle idle speed running instability, not good starting ignition and other problems.

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