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Car Engine Maintenance Common Sense

Mar. 13, 2020

Diesel engine intake valve Manufacturer shares with you.

First, keep the oil, water, air, and body clean. If the fuel is not pure, it will affect the matching parts; the impure cooling water will prevent the engine from cooling.

Second, the use of reliable quality fuel, attention to the maintenance of the fuel system, this is the most important for EFI engines, regular inspection, addition and replacement of engine oil is also one of the engine maintenance.

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Third, the engine water tank must be cleaned regularly to remove rust and scale, which is one of the common sense of maintaining the engine; it is also necessary to clean the fuel system regularly to control the carbon deposits and protect the best state of the engine.

Fourth, the motor is well protected and the engine is well maintained, so it must be added in time when the fuel is insufficient, otherwise, it is easy to burn out the motor and affect the engine.

Fifth, regularly check and replace the spark plug. If the engine power is reduced, the spark plug may be one of the reasons and needs to be repaired.

The use of the running-in period is of primary importance in extending the service life of the engine. It must be run in accordance with the specifications before it can be put into normal operation.

Sixth, the bolts and nuts of diesel and gasoline engines need to be carefully inspected to avoid damage to the parts due to looseness. Valve clearance, gas distribution phase, and fuel injection pressure must be regularly checked and adjusted to ensure that the engine is in good condition.

The car's engine is properly maintained, the service life will increase, and it will bring a good driving experience to the owner. Everyone must remember to maintain it in daily life!

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